Welcome to the CarrierClass Group


The CarrierClass Group is an umbrella organization housing two companies in the solar and tower industries. With over 20 years hands-on experience of applying technology and innovation to critical infrastructure, CarrierClass has worked directly with every major wireless provider, broadband service providers, multiple government entities, real estate portfolio owners, and major universities.



CarrierClass Green Infrastructure


Our solar manufacturing division, CarrierClass Green Infrastructure(CCGI), provides businesses with innovative, off-grid solar solutions. CCGI’s flagship product, the ConnecTable Café Table, has been engineered to reliably harness solar energy and provide truly off-grid charging for electronic devices nearly anywhere anytime. CCGI offers only the highest quality and most durable products that transform outdoor environments into modern, sustainable charging retreats. The hallmarks of all CCGI green power products and projects are exceptional design, engineering, architectural, and aesthetic standards.


Learn more at www.theconnectable.com




CarrierClass Deployment Services


Our tower division, CarrierClass Deployment Services is a boutique tech services firm in the wireless telecom arena. Our expert management team has acquired, zoned, leased, operated, and interconnected hundreds of sites; from simple paging sites to 48,000 square foot telecom bunkers. Services include: